Therapy over the telephone: how does it compare to face-to-face? The answer might surprise you…


Imogen Bell blogs a timely systematic review which compares the interactional qualities of psychological therapy delivered face-to-face and over the telephone.

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Is email good for your health?


Epica the Dog and her human friends from the Equator Publication School sniff out a novel study about the effectiveness of email-based exercises in promoting psychological wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.

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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy shows goal attainment gains in people with mild learning disabilities

Documents published representing a ‘manualised’ cognitive behavioural therapy treatment for trained CBT therapists

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) focuses on evoking desired behaviour rather than on diminishing existing problem behaviour. It is goal directed and collaborative in its approach to helping people achieve behavioural change. The therapist works to help establish a vision of a desired future using a series of precisely worded questions. In SFBT, the goal of [read the full story…]

Case studies suggest solution focused brief therapy may be effective for people with mild learning disabilities


Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) is about brief interventions, focusing on solutions, rather than on the presenting problems. The early development of the therapy was based on the notion that even for people suffering chronic problems, there are periods when the difficulties do not occur or are less intense. It was posited by early pioneers of [read the full story…]

People with learning disabilities want reliability, empathy and non patronising attitude in their support staff


The nature of the relationship between the client and caregiver has been shown to be a key factor in a number of studies. However, there have been few studies looking at the nature of the relationship between people with mild learning disabilities and their caregivers. This study set out to look at this issue in [read the full story…]