Silver diamine fluoride: effectiveness in older adults

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Three RCTs were included in this review of silver diamine fluoride for caries prevention in older adults. all 3 studies support teh effectiveness of SDF for root caries arrest and prevention.

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Silver Diamine Fluoride can arrest caries in children


This review of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to arrest caries included 19 studies and suggest that 38% SDF can arrest 81% ( 68-89%) of active caries. . However none of the available studies was at low risk of bias so the findings should be interpreted cautiously.

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Fluoride mouthrinse: regular supervised use reduces tooth decay in children


This Cochrane review includes 37 RCTs and found regular supervised use of fluoride mouthrinse by children and adolescents is associated with a large reduction in caries increment in permanent teeth.

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Topical fluoride for remineralising and arresting carious lesions


This review looked at topical fluoride for remineralising or arresting caries. 17 RCTs were included and overall remineralised early enamel caries using % fluoride varnish = 63.6 % (95% CI; 36.0 to 91.2 %) and 38% silver diamine fluoride had an overall proportion of arrested dentine caries = 65.9% (95% CI; 41.2 to 90.7 %).

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Fluoridated milk: low quality evidence of benefit


The updated Cochrane review only included 1 low quality RCT. A substantive reduction in decay for primary teeth was seen equivalent to a prevented fraction of 31% but further research is likely to have an important impact on this estimate.

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Sense of Coherence and oral health behaviours


Nine studies were identified for this review of the impact of sense of coherence (SOC) on oral health behaviours. The findings suggest that more favourable oral health behaviour are seen in those with a stronger SOC.

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Slow-release fluoride devices: review finds insufficient evidence to show they reduce dental decay


This new update of a Cochrane review only identified 1 study that randomised 174 children but analysed only 63. While there was a reduction in caries in those children with the slow-release fluoride glass bead the study is at high risk of bias and provides insufficient evidence to determine the caries-inhibiting effect of slow-release fluoride glass beads.

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Small trial finds caries prevention potential in new silver fluoride agent


Dental caries is one of the commonest diseases of childhood and management is particularly challenging in underprivileged populations. In recent years there has been increasing interest in silver diamine fluoride. However, it tendency to stain carious tissue black and potential to cause oral mucosal lesions limit its potential use. Nano Silver Fluoride ® (NSF), a [read the full story…]

Study suggests benefits to adjacent teeth from application of fluoride containing fissure sealants


There is good quality review evidence (Ahovuo-Saloranta et al.  2013) that resin-based fissure sealants are effective at preventing or controlling occlusal caries. The aim of this trial was to assess whether sealing first permanent molars with fluoride releasing compounds reduced the caries increment on the distal surface of the second primary molars. Children with at [read the full story…]