Osteoradionecrosis of the jaws: Prevention in adult patients with head and neck cancer


This Cochrane review of interventions for preventing osteoradionecrosis of the jaws in adults with head and neck cancer undergoing curative or adjuvant (i.e. non-palliative) radiotherapy included 4 RCTs. The limited quality of the available studies means evidence regarding the interventions evaluated in this review is uncertain.

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Enamel white spot lesions: self-application of topical fluorides for prevention and reversal


This review of self-applied topical fluorides for the prevention reversal of enamel white spot lesions during fixed orthodontic treatment included 3 RCTs two of which were at high risk of bias.

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Topical fluoride for remineralising and arresting carious lesions


This review looked at topical fluoride for remineralising or arresting caries. 17 RCTs were included and overall remineralised early enamel caries using % fluoride varnish = 63.6 % (95% CI; 36.0 to 91.2 %) and 38% silver diamine fluoride had an overall proportion of arrested dentine caries = 65.9% (95% CI; 41.2 to 90.7 %).

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Fluoride gel applications reduce caries


The update of the 2002 Cochrane review of fluoride included 28 trials finding an average 28% reduction (95% CI; 19-36%) in decayed, missing and filled tooth surfaces. There is little information about adverse effects or how well children and young people were able to cope with the gel application.

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ADA updates its clinical recommendations on topical fluoride for caries prevention


In 2006 the American Dental Association (ADA) published recommendations regarding professionally applied topical fluorides.  An update of these guidelines has just been published.  An executive summary is available from the Journal of the American Dental Association and the full report can be downloaded from the ADA – Centre for Evidence-based Dentistry (ADA-EBD) website (see links).   [read the full story…]

Compliant high risk children benefited from twice weekly supervised high fluoride gel brushing programme

shutterstock_26227375 toothbrushes and toothpaste

Despite continuing improvements in dental health considerable inequalities remain with highest levels of disease amongst children living in the most materially disadvantaged areas. The main aim this study was to assess the caries-preventive efficacy of  a 2 years  twice weekly supervised brushingprogramme using a self-applied gel containing 12,500 ppm fluoride on schooldays compared with weekly [read the full story…]