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Lorna is an artist, filmmaker, writer and Research Fellow in medical sociology at the Social Research Institute, University College London. She is the project manager of a study that examines the impact of COVID-19 on people who have chronic conditions or disabilities and are from minoritised ethnic groups. Her research trajectory is always creative, developing the field of arts and health. This began during her PhD, where she was a triple scholar at Jesus College, Cambridge University. During her PhD, Lorna explored how and why art helps us to make sense of ourselves and the world. She spoke about her life story and research in a TEDx Talk (‘How Creativity Revived Me’). Lorna is a member of the steering group of the MARCH Network, the Arts Health Early Career Research Network and Kinda Studios (exploring the immersive arts, neuroscience, physiology and play).


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Art therapy groups: many mental health patients are keen, but access remains limited


Lorna Collins reviews a cross-sectional study exploring the views and preferences of mental health service users about art therapy groups and treatment.

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Art and mental health on Instagram


Lorna Collins summarises a study looking at the impact of artwork posted on Instagram. She considers how art can promote mental health awareness, and the impact that sharing can have on the artist.

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Mood changes during art workshops: what can they teach us?


Lorna Collins reviews a novel study which uses an experience sampling method to track momentary wellbeing over the course of an arts on prescription scheme, to predict changes in global wellbeing for people with anxiety and depression.

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Recovery narratives by young people with mental health difficulties


Lorna Collins reviews a qualitative study on how young people with mental health difficulties perceive and define recovery and their personal journey.

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Stigma and eating disorders: theory and practice


Lorna Collins writes her debut elf blog on a recent mixed-methods systematic review, which asks: How do people with eating disorders experience the stigma associated with their condition?

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