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Eleana is a junior doctor and graduated in medicine from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. She also has a BSc in Experimental Pathology by Queen Mary University of London. She is passionate about mental health, medical ethics and will always find time for a heated debate. Her interests include the areas of old age psychiatry, perinatal mental health and parenting, developmental psychiatry, eating disorders, antidepressants, and suicide and self-harm.


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Depression and anxiety among doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic: yet more collateral damage?


Eleana Frisira summarises a systematic review that presents recent global prevalence data about the rates of depression and anxiety among doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Game on! How can video games help children with autism?


Eleana Frisira blogs about a review, which finds that video games can be interventions that help some children with autism, particularly in relation to cognitive training.

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Do prisons have more room for emotions than we think? Staff views on the link between suicide, violence and emotions


Eleana Frisira reviews a recent qualitative study, which asks prison staff for their views about the role of emotions in prisoner suicide and violence.

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Should European cities be going green for our mental health?


Eleana Frisira summarises a recent scoping review on the impact that green spaces can have on the mental health of people living in urban settings.

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Dementia care: what increases caregiver burden?


Eleana Frisira writes her debut blog on a recent 3-year longitudinal study exploring the burden that falls on caregivers of people with various types of dementia.

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