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Charlotte is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at The University of Manchester and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. She previously worked as a Trial Manager of a randomised-control trial 'CARMS' (Cognitive AppRoaches to coMbatting Suicidality), which was sponsored by the University of Manchester and hosted by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust. The trial aims to investigate the efficacy of a psychological therapy which aims to reduce suicidal thoughts, plans and behaviours for people who experience non-affective psychosis across 4 NHS trusts in the North West of England. Charlotte holds an MPhil in Clinical Psychology from the University of Manchester, where she examined the relationship between the therapeutic alliance in psychotherapy and suicidal experiences.


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Language matters: how should we talk about suicide?

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In her debut blog, Charlotte Huggett summarises a recent online survey which explored views on the language we should use to discuss suicide. The study concludes that the most acceptable phrases are currently: “attempted suicide”, “took their own life”, “died by suicide” and “ended their life”.

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