Mental health support for older adults needs to improve


Dave Steele summarises an NIHR funded mixed methods study that concludes we don’t know much about how we should support older adults with mental health problems, except to say that we should be doing better.

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Commissioning to address mental health ethnic inequalities


Caroline De Brun highlights the new guidance for commissioners of mental health services for people from black and minority ethnic communities, produced by the Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health.

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Liaison Psychiatry for all!!


When I am not being an elf, I am very proud to work within Liaison Psychiatry and to be actively developing Liaison services across Kent and Medway. For those of you who haven’t come across Liaison before,  we work within the overlapping area between physical health and mental health, so dealing with physical health problems and [read the full story…]

Cost effectiveness analysis finds stepped care to be cheaper and more effective than CBT for bulimia nervosa

Bulimia concept - apple in mirror

Bulimia nervosa (BN) is an eating disorder; the diagnosis of which requires: persistent preoccupation with eating and an irresistible craving for food, episodes of overeating in which large amounts of food are consumed over a short period of time and potentially attempts to counteract the “fattening” effects of food by self-induced vomiting or laxative abuse. [read the full story…]

New mental health commissioning guides from JCPMH

GP sat at his desk

Those lovely people at the Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health (JCP-MH) have published four new guides to help those of you involved in commissioning community specialist services, older people’s services, inpatient and crisis home treatment and services for people with learning disabilities. These guides are short (around 20 pages), readable and nicely summarised with ten [read the full story…]

Pay for performance improves treatment implementation, not outcomes, for adolescent substance use disorders

Money in the spotlight

The NHS has entered the era of GP-led commissioning of services, and providers will be required to submit data on key indicators such as quality of care and survival rates. This echoes some aspects of a 2001 report by the Institute of Medicine in the USA Crossing the Quality Chasm, which emphasised the need to [read the full story…]

Reading well books on prescription: public mental health in action

Boy hugging a book

Public mental health and wellbeing has gathered greater currency following the publication of No Health without Mental Health in 2011.  Public health is about improving the health of the population through preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health. Local Authorities are now the public sector organisation with lead responsibility for public health and public mental health. [read the full story…]

NICE publish dementia commissioning guide: practical advice for commissioners

Senior couple

NICE have published a new guide to help commissioners provide evidence-based care for people with dementia. Providing care for our ageing population seems not to have been out of the news in recent years and rightly so, especially as the headline stories are frequently not positive. A recent Care Quality Commission report found that people [read the full story…]

Healthcare commissioning for people with long-term conditions: new report from the Nuffield Trust

Man looking at piles of coins

What do healthcare commissioners actually do? Ask a hundred people who work in the NHS and you’ll probably get a hundred different answers. The landscape is moving quickly as we approach the April changeover, and with management budgets getting cut, it’s an increasingly challenging area to work in. This new report from the Nuffield Trust [read the full story…]

Are you making the most of your National Elf Service?

The Lifestyle Elf

It’s not all about the Mental Elf you know. There are lots of other elves who spend every waking hour scurrying around to find reliable evidence to help you. There are now seven magnificent elf websites and one more due to launch very soon.  Here’s a quick run down of my brothers and sisters in [read the full story…]