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Dr Jenny Fisher is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Care and Social Work, Manchester Metropolitan University. Jenny’s principal research interests centre around community engagement, older adults, place-making, community wellbeing, ethnography and the role of community interventions. Her research has focused on Men in Sheds, place-making with older adults in the UK and Brazil, Home-Start, community interventions to increase physical inactivity and community organising.


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The impact of community well-being champions in African and Caribbean communities


Jenny Fisher examines a study seeking to understand the role and the impact of community well-being champions in African and Caribbean communities.

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Is small really beautiful for delivering social care and support?


Jenny Fisher discusses a study on social care provision by micro-enterprises and discovers that small may well be beautiful for delivering care and support.

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Trying targets: did Local Area Agreements support social cohesion?


Jenny Fisher asks if the Local Area Agreement policy intervention and associated targets helped with social cohesion and offers useful pointers for further reading on the topic.

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Community development, networking and neighbourhood change


Jenny Fisher takes on an Australian study about community development and how umbrella bodies work for networking between organisations and neighbourhoods. She considers the implications of the findings for the UK refers to some other helpful research on the topic.

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