Complex PTSD: 3 recent reviews yield clues about what helps #BIGSPD22


Kirsten Barnicot summarises three recent systematic reviews exploring the most helpful interventions for people with complex PTSD.

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Many men do seek help prior to suicide, but are services adequately designed to assess men’s needs?


Cara Richardson summarises a qualitative photovoice study, which finds that some men who died by suicide did seek help before their death, but the help given was often ineffective.

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Cost-effective strategies for mental health workplace intervention


Chris Sampson summarises a review on the cost-effectiveness of mental health workplace interventions, which presents up-to-date evidence on the different things that employers can do to help those in their workforce affected by mental health problems or substance misuse.

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Quality of life measures missing in studies of outcomes of pharmacological interventions in autism spectrum disorder


Quality of life is becoming a common outcome in the reporting of trials. The authors of this literature review were interested to look systematically at the use of quality life as an outcome in pharmacological research on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Currently, the most frequently used outcome measures in such trials are measures of changes in [read the full story…]

Naltrexone as part of positive behavioural support appeared to have positive impact on self injurious behavour


Self injurious behaviour in people with learning disabilities can have a major impact on quality of life, in addition to physical harm. Positive behaviour approaches have been showing some degree of success in supporting people with self injurious behaviour, and this case study investigated the possibility of combining pharmacological strategies with positive behaviour support plans. [read the full story…]

Audit finds symptom rating checklist in clinical practice helps people with learning disabilities and psychosis


This audit of clinical practice in a mental health service for people with learning disabilities looked at the current approach to people with learning disabilities and psychotic disorders. The researchers looked at clinical practice with 910 people who were patients of the learning disability psychiatrists in Buckinghamshire. The current approach to clinical practice in the [read the full story…]

Review finds melatonin to be safest choice for children with sleep disturbance


This review of the literature searched Medline and PsychInfo to find clinical trials and case reports which were published between 1975 and 2009, focusing on pharmacological interventions for sleep disturbance in children with developmental disabilities. The authors found 58 articles that met the inclusion criteria, including 25 controlled trials in typical children and children with [read the full story…]