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Lucy is a 3rd year Trainee Clinical Psychologist. She has experience working at a Traumatic Stress Service and a Specialist Anxiety Disorder Service. Her research interests include PTSD, trauma-focused interventions and perinatal mental health. She is currently working on her thesis on the concept of retraumatisation during evidence-based treatment for PTSD. Lucy is a dog-lover and enthusiastic chef.


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Transgenerational trauma: maternal childhood maltreatment and perinatal outcomes


Lucy Purnell explores a recent systematic review, which finds that maternal childhood maltreatment is associated with adverse perinatal mental health experiences, and this association is mediated by disruptions to maternal emotional functioning.

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Asylum seekers are penalised for inconsistent narratives: what can we learn from frontline professionals?

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Lucy Purnell reviews a qualitative study which suggests that the applications of asylum seekers should not be rejected on the basis that there are inconsistencies between interviews.

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Parental involvement in CBT for anxiety disorders: a help or a hindrance?


Lucy Purnell summarises a recent systematic review which finds little support for parental involvement in cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescent anxiety disorders.

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How has the coronavirus pandemic influenced rates of depressive symptoms in pregnant women?


Lucy Purnell summarises a recent cross-sectional study from China, which explores perinatal depression in women during the 2019 coronavirus pandemic.

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