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Josefien is Research Manager and leads on the development and management of research & evaluation across a range of projects on public mental health research at the Mental Health Foundation. She collaborates closely with other departments in the organisation and in particular with the policy team and programmes teams to maximise the impact of findings and ensure research is relevant. Josefien has worked in research and development roles at the Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust and research posts at the Institute of Psychiatry.


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Is self-management ready for the mental health mainstream?


Josefien Breedvelt and Peter Coventry explore a new systematic review and meta-analysis of self-management interventions for people with severe mental illness.

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Preventing mental health problems: what can we do?


Josefien Breedvelt explores a brand new review looking at preventive strategies for mental health problems, published yesterday in The Lancet Psychiatry.

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Digital interventions for stress: do they live up to their alleged potential?


Josefien Breedvelt is encouraged by the findings of a recent systematic review of Internet-based and computer-based interventions for stress, which provides a positive case for offering stress management on a large scale.

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Social networking sites and mental health: friend or foe?


Una Foye and Josefien Breedvelt from the Mental Health Foundation publish their debut elf blog on a recent systematic narrative review that aimed to identify and summarise research examining depression and anxiety in the context of social networking websites.

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