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Farhana is a Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellow at University College London. She is also a Specialist Registrar (ST6) in General Adult Psychiatry in North London. She studied Medicine at UCL, where she also completed a BSc in Immunology and Cell Pathology. She holds an MSc in Psychiatric Research and is a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. In 2012 she was selected as a BBC Expert Woman. Her main research interest is in ‘loneliness’ and its impact on mental health. She is always keen to promote better public understanding of psychiatry and mental disorder.


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Investigating the link between loneliness and sleep quality in young people


Ahmed Al-Shihabi and Farhana Mann report on a recent twin study that explores the links between loneliness and sleep quality in young adults.

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Life’s good under one roof: can co-residing with our adult children prevent depression in later life?


Farhana Mann and Gemma Lewis pore over an instrumental variable study, which looks at the effect of co-residing with adult children on depression in later life.

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The apples and oranges of social relationships: what are we measuring and how?


Farhana Mann presents a helpful summary of a number of different tools that have been used in the study of social relationships, as they relate to health and social service use and cardiovascular outcomes.

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Can social networking alleviate loneliness in later life?


Farhana Mann appraises a cross-sectional survey of social networking site usage, loneliness and mental health in community-dwelling older adults.

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Mood Matters: mood instability is common and associated with poor outcomes


Farhana Mann summarises an observational study of mood instability in people with mental illness, which explores its relationship with days spent in hospital, frequency of admissions, the likelihood of being sectioned and the chance of being prescribed antipsychotics and mood stabilisers.

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