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Higher risk of vitamin D deficiency for people with learning disabilities

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To date there has been little research on vitamin D deficiency in people with learning disabilities. In this debut blog by Brant Cebulla, we look at a new case control study which sets out to answer some key questions and consider areas for further research.

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Systematic review reveals conflicting evidence for relationship between diet and depression


The question of what role nutrition plays in mental health has been the sauce (ahem) of research interest in recent times. As covered previously by oursElves in relation to dementia, the majority of this research has looked at individual nutrients like Omega-3 fish oil and other minerals, with the broader area of diet receiving less [read the full story…]

Genetic variation is a factor when treating schizophrenia with folate and vitamin B12 supplementation


Symptoms associated with schizophrenia are often classified into two categories. The classical indicators such as hallucinations, delusions and thought disorder make up the ‘positive’ category whilst apathy and problems with concentration are ‘negative’ symptoms. These negative symptoms have previously been linked to decreased folate levels (Goff et al. 2004) and there is some evidence that [read the full story…]