Fabio Zucchelli

Fabio Zucchelli
Fabio is a Sport & Exercise Psychology MSc student, and has a background of working in NHS mental health services. He is particularly interested in the relationship between sport/exercise and mental health, aiming to conduct a PhD in this subject area. Fabio also works as a freelance journalist specialising in mental health, writing for the likes of Mental Health Practice, Mental Health Today and OneinFour. He can be contacted for commissions via email (fabio.zucc@gmail.com). Fabio can also be found keeping it particularly light-hearted in his mental health blog, The Introspector 27 (link below)


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Systematic review reveals conflicting evidence for relationship between diet and depression


The question of what role nutrition plays in mental health has been the sauce (ahem) of research interest in recent times. As covered previously by oursElves in relation to dementia, the majority of this research has looked at individual nutrients like Omega-3 fish oil and other minerals, with the broader area of diet receiving less [read the full story…]

Systematic review shows higher quality RCTs needed on psychological effects of exercise for type 2 diabetes

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In the UK alone it’s estimated over two million adults have type 2 diabetes. That clearly warrants some serious research into its prevention and treatment, including the valuable role of exercise.  We also know the effects of diabetes are not confined to physical problems, linked as it is to reduced quality of life as well [read the full story…]

CBT is better than nothing for older adults with depression, but so is any form of active support

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Depression is such a widely known issue now that it barely needs introduction. It’s something we Elves have covered with interest, looking at the effectiveness of various treatments, like psychotherapy, medication and exercise. For older adults though, there remains a somewhat hazy picture of what treatments work best. Most of the evidence base for the [read the full story…]

Mindfulness shows promise as treatment for health anxiety


Most of us care about our health (something we elves encourage) but for up to 5% of people, worrying about health has become a significant problem in itself. Severe health anxiety, or hypochondriasis, is said to exist when someone holds a strong fear of having a serious disease, despite all medical assurances to the contrary. [read the full story…]