Brant Cebulla

Brant Cebulla
Brant has worked in and out of public health and information sciences the past 5 years, including a stint as the Development Director for the Vitamin D Council, a nonprofit that educates on vitamin D, sun exposure and disease. He has keen interests in nutrition, exercise and evidence-based medicine.


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Higher risk of vitamin D deficiency for people with learning disabilities

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To date there has been little research on vitamin D deficiency in people with learning disabilities. In this debut blog by Brant Cebulla, we look at a new case control study which sets out to answer some key questions and consider areas for further research.

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New systematic review suggests a relationship between vitamin D and depression

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Vitamin D is involved in many brain processes, including having a regulatory role of the nervous system and influencing general brain development. These known functions have raised a long held question, might vitamin D deficiency be associated with depression? Some studies have shown a strong relationship between vitamin D and depression, while others have shown [read the full story…]

Can vitamin D supplementation help relieve the symptoms of depression?


This week in The British Journal of Psychiatry, researchers in Norway have published results from their randomised controlled trial studying the effects of vitamin D on depressive symptoms in otherwise healthy adults. The study, directed by Dr Marie Kjaergaard and a team of doctors out of the University Tromsø in Norway, found that vitamin D [read the full story…]