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I am the Project Coordinator for the National Elf Service and joined the team of Minervation Ltd. in the beginning of 2015. I have a social science background with M.A. in Politics and Economics from Edinburgh University, and MS.c. in Global Governance and Diplomacy from Oxford University. Previously, I worked in change management and communications roles in international development and humanitarian organisations. Joining the National Elf Service was a new adventure and I am every excited to be part of this project because it is innovative and really fills a gap in the evidence-base healthcare blogging and online services market.


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We are recruiting for our #ElfHelp programme


If you are looking to gain real life experience in social media and publishing, here’s your opportunity! Our #ElfHelp programme features positions for Publishing, Communications, PR and Social Media.

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Medication for self-harm: new Cochrane review finds very limited evidence to support its use


Dochka Hristova reports on a new Cochrane review of pharmacological interventions for self-harm in adults, which looks at the treatment effect on repetition of self-harm of antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilisers and dietary supplements.

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