Peri-implant disease: Limited evidence for the use of air polishing


5 small studies were included in this review of air polishing for peri-implant disease. Some improvement in bleeding on probing was seen with air polishing but the quality of the evidence was low.

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Air polishing- glycine powder has less potential for harm suggests review


This review included 17 studies the majority (12) of which were in vitro; and all at risk of bias to greater or lesser extent. The results suggest that glycine powder air polishing had less potential for harm of oral hard and soft tissues than sodium bicarbonate powders.

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Periodontal treatment using air polishing had good patient perception


This review focused on patients perception of air polishing for periodontal treatment. Nine studies involving 291 patients were identified suggesting that polishing with powders consisting of glycine seems to be associated with less discomfort during non-surgical periodontal therapy, that is supra- and subgingival air polishing.

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