Occupational Therapists gather feedback from people with learning disabilities but do little to reduce potential bias

Without each of us raising our voices, agitating, demanding and complaining, nothing much more will happen to reduce premature deaths in people with learning disabilities

Getting feedback about interventions from people with learning disabilities involves a number of challenges, including of course communication difficulties The researchers in this study were interested in how occupational therapists (OT’s) gathered feedback from people who used their services. They looked at this by asking 70 OT’s to complete a questionnaire and a subset of [read the full story…]

People with learning disabilities want reliability, empathy and non patronising attitude in their support staff


The nature of the relationship between the client and caregiver has been shown to be a key factor in a number of studies. However, there have been few studies looking at the nature of the relationship between people with mild learning disabilities and their caregivers. This study set out to look at this issue in [read the full story…]

What are the experiences of people with learning disabilities who are psychiatric in-patients in out of area placements?

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People with learning disabilities and complex mental health problems are often most at risk of being placed in services a long way from their homes, their families and any natural support systems they may have built up. This study interviewed 17 service users directly affected in this way: they had all been placed away from [read the full story…]