Oral mucositis in cancer patients: the effect of oral supplementation

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This review of of the effects of oral supplementation on the prevention and/or treatment of oral mucositis in patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy included 12 RCTs and suggest that Zinc supplements may be beneficial.

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Mucositis in adult cancer patients reduced with keratinocyte growth factor


This Cochrane review of cytokines and growth factors for preventing oral mucositis in patients having cancer treatment included 35 RCTs finding keratinocyte growth factor beneficial in the prevention of oral mucositis .

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‘All-on-4®’ treatment concept: current evidence limited


This systematic review of the ‘All-on-4®’ concept for fixed full arch restoration includes 24 studies of limited quality is considered here by Mark-Steven Howe.

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Oral mucositis in cancer patients: no benefit from chlorhexidine mouthwash

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This review of chlorhexidine (CHX) for prevention & treatment of oral mucositis included 12 RCTs with 9 contribution to the meta-analysis. CHX was not significantly effective in preventing mucositis or reducing its severity.

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Oral Mucositis: can honey reduce its severity?


This review of the use of honey to educe the severity of radio/chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis identified 7 low quality RCTs that suggest that use of honey may reduce the severity of oral mucositis.

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What is the impact of peri-implant maintenance therapy?


This review included 10 studies in a meta-analysis which suggests that peri-implant maintenance therapy is important for long the long term success rates of implants.

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Oral cryotherapy reduces oral mucositis in patients receiving 5FU-based treatment for solid cancers


This Cochrane review looked at cryotherapy (ice chips) for preventing oral mucositis in patients with cancer. 14 RCTS involving 1280 patients were included providing evidence that oral cryotherapy leads to large reductions in oral mucositis of all severities in adults receiving 5FU for solid cancers. However there was less confidence confident in the ability of oral cryotherapy to reduce oral mucositis in adults receiving high-dose melphalan before haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT).

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Peri-implantitis: a common complication of dental implants?


A mean prevalence of 22% (CI: 14-30%) was found for peri-implantitis and 43% (CI: 32-54%) for peri-implant mucositis in this review which included 15 studies. However, owing to the level of heterogeneity the results should be treated with caution.

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Low level laser therapy: review suggests it reduces mucositis in patients undergoing cancer treatment


A 2011 Cochrane review found weak evidence from 5 studies that low energy laser therapy (LLLT) may be beneficial in preventing severe mucositis. This new review included 18 studies and found that low level laser therapy reduced overall risk of severe mucositis.

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Weak evidence for honey in prevention of oral mucositis for cancer patients radiotherapy

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Oral mucositis is a common side effect of  the treatment of malignancy with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Two Cochrane reviews (see below) have looked more broadly at interventions for  prevention and treatment of this unpleasant side effect of treatment.  The aim of this review was to assess the protective effect of honey in head and neck [read the full story…]