Smoking cessation and tooth loss

This review provides strong evidence for quitting smoking and reducing your risk of dementia.

This review assessing whether smoking cessation reduced the risk of tooth loss included 14 cross-sectional and 7 longitudinal studies suggestign that the risk of tooth loss in former smokers is comparable to that of never smokers

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Dental Implants: Number of implants and full-arch prosthesis survival


19 studies (6 RCTs, 13 prospective studies) were included in this review assessing whether the number of dental implants per jaw has an influence on implant and/or prosthesis survival rate and complications with the findings suggesting no influence.

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Dentures: techniques and materials for final impressions

shutterstock_28911784 False teeth

9 RCTs were included in this Cochrane review of different final-impression techniques and materials for complete and removable partial dentures. The available evidence for the relative benefits of different denture fabrication techniques and final-impression materials is limited and is of low or very low quality.

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‘All-on-4®’ treatment concept: current evidence limited


This systematic review of the ‘All-on-4®’ concept for fixed full arch restoration includes 24 studies of limited quality is considered here by Mark-Steven Howe.

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Oral Health in people with dementia

This study is the first of its kind from an RCT perspective which clearly shows that treating major depression in older adults using interventions in primary care settings can extend life

This review of oral health in older people with dementia included 37 mainly observational studies of limited quality. The findings suggest that oral health was generally poorer in those with dementia.

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Oral Health in nursing homes: education for staff and residents

All the evidence relates to care homes and there is hardly any evidence for any other setting.

9 trials were included in this Cochrane review of oral health education & training for care home residents & staff . These trials provided insufficient evidence from which to draw evidence about the effects of the interventions so more high quality studies are needed.

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Zygomatic implants for maxillary rehabilitation


The use of zygomatic implants have been suggested for severely atrophic fully and partially edentulous maxillae to avoid use of sinus lifts, or other bone augmentation procedures and also for maxillary reconstruction after partial or total maxillectomy. The aim of this review was to evaluate clinical studies on the follow-up survival of implants inserted in [read the full story…]

Small study suggests possible benefit from implant overdentures for edentulous patients over 75 years of age


Studies suggest that implant overdentures (IODs) can improve function and quality of life. However most studies are conducted in adults under the age of 70.  The aim of this study was to investigate denture satisfaction, functional, nutritional and patients centered aspect of IODs in patients over 75 years of age. Edentulous and denture wearing patients [read the full story…]

Maxillary overdentures supported by four implants had similar success to those supported with six implants in short term.


Stability problems and lack of retention are problems that edentulous patients often report.  The implant-supported denture is one approach to address these problems.  The aim of this trial was to compare the outcomes of maxillary overdentures supported by four or six dental implants in patients in the anterior part of the maxilla. Adult edentulous patients [read the full story…]