Third molars: risk of future extraction when retained estimated


This review of asymptomatic retained third molars included 7 prospective studies and found that the cumulative incidence for M3 extraction varied from 5 to 64% and was associated with the follow-up duration.

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Low level laser therapy: review suggests it reduces mucositis in patients undergoing cancer treatment


A 2011 Cochrane review found weak evidence from 5 studies that low energy laser therapy (LLLT) may be beneficial in preventing severe mucositis. This new review included 18 studies and found that low level laser therapy reduced overall risk of severe mucositis.

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Still insufficient evidence to support or refute routine prophylactic removal of asymptomatic impacted wisdom teeth

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Third molars (wisdom teeth) generally erupt between the ages of 17-24 years. Often they fail to erupt or only erupt partially. When they do not reach their normal functional position they are considered to be impacted, this can be due to lack of space, obstruction by another tooth, or development in an abnormal position.   An [read the full story…]