Oral Health in people with dementia

This study is the first of its kind from an RCT perspective which clearly shows that treating major depression in older adults using interventions in primary care settings can extend life

This review of oral health in older people with dementia included 37 mainly observational studies of limited quality. The findings suggest that oral health was generally poorer in those with dementia.

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Mandibular overdentures and impact on oral health


This review assessed patient satisfaction with mandibular implant overdentures using the Oral Health Impact Profile. Only 5 RCTs were included and findings suggest that implant supported overdentures perform better than conventional dentures.

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Dentures: 1 or 2 step impressions?

shutterstock_28911784 False teeth

This review compare single step impressions verses two step impression techniques for complete denture construction. 7 RCTs were included and they suggests that a two step approach is not necessary for technical quality, user satisfaction or quality of life.

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Do soft denture liners improve masticatory function?


This review of the effect of soft denture liners on masticatory function includes just 6 small studies. This is a suggestion that use of long-term silicone liners may improve mastication parameters but it is very weak.

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Review suggests that disinfection methods could be an adjunct or alternative to antifungal medications in the treatment of denture stomatitis


Denture stomatitis is relatively common with studies suggesting that it can affect 35-50% of complete denture wearers.  It is characterised by mild inflammation and redness of the oral mucosa and about 90% are associated with Candida.   The aim of this review was compare the efficacy of antifungal therapy with any other alternative methods used for [read the full story…]

Review suggests that face-bow transfer not essential for good outcomes in denture construction


The use of the face-bow record during complete denture construction is recommended in most prosthodontic text books and taught in many UK and US dental schools.  The aim of this review was to compare the outcomes of the construction of dental prostheses and occlusal splints with and without the use of face-bow transfer. Searches were [read the full story…]

Trial suggests that simplified technique for complete denture fabrication results in similar masticatory performance as traditional approaches


While oral health has improved complete edentulism is remains an important problem. While it is increasingly common for treatment approaches to use implant-retained prosthesis conventional complete dentures are still in widespread use.   Traditional denture construction protocols involve several clinical and laboratory stages and simplified approaches have been suggested.  The aim of this trial was to [read the full story…]

Trail suggests no difference in food choices and nutrient intake in older adults with conventional denture or implant-retained overdentures


Evidence suggests that dietary intake and nutritional status of complete denture wearers is poorer than dentate patients of similar age, and implant retained dentures are considered to improve the retention and stability of complete dentures. The aim of this study was to compare dietary intake in edentulous adults with conventional dentures compared with implant-retained dentures. [read the full story…]

Only low quality of evidence currently available for effectiveness and cost effectiveness for treatments for edentulism


Improvements in oral health have seen reductions in the numbers of patients suffering from edentulism. The range of treatments available for treatments of edentulism has also improved. The aim of this review was to as to analyze studies of the treatment of maxillary, mandibular, or complete edentulism, with special attention paid to the quality of [read the full story…]

Professional oral hygiene interventions and follow-up support provided short term improvement in oral health for in older adults


An increasingly elderly population  have benefited from improvements in oral health care resulting in the retention of an increasing number of natural teeth. This brings the challenge of maintaining these  teeth and their replacements in good disease free condition.  However, studies indicate that oral health in this group is often poor.  The aim of this [read the full story…]