Dentures: techniques and materials for final impressions

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9 RCTs were included in this Cochrane review of different final-impression techniques and materials for complete and removable partial dentures. The available evidence for the relative benefits of different denture fabrication techniques and final-impression materials is limited and is of low or very low quality.

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Denture hygiene practices

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25 studies were included in this review of denture hygiene practices. Mechanical interventions in conjunction with chemical agents were the most effective, Denture brushing was the most common patient practice.

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Digital impressions for fixed prosthodontics?


This review of Intraoral digital impressions suggest they provide similar accuracy to conventional elastomeric impressions. However only 2 of the 11 studies included are clinical and these are both small, so the results should be interpreted cautiously.

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Partial dentures provided partial compensation for masticatory function


This review looked at the ability of partial dentures to improve masticatory performance. 8 studies involving 180 patients were included suggesting that RPDs partially compensated for this reduced performance.

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Limited available evidence suggests that a one-step impression technique is sufficient for the majority of edentulous patients


Obtaining an accurate impression of the potential denture supporting area is a key stage in the construction of complete dentures.  Traditionally a two-stage procedure has been recommended.  The aim of this review was to assess the effectiveness of different impression materials and techniques used in complete denture construction. Medline/PubMed and the Cochrane Library were searched together [read the full story…]

Review finds limited evidence on maintenance requirements of implant retained overdentures in the upper jaw


Rehabilitating the edentulous upper jaw with implant-supported dentures requires long-term maintenance of the prosthesis. This review aimed to evaluate the literature on prosthodontic maintenance requirements for maxillary implant overdentures using different prosthodontic designs. The authors conducted electronic searches on Medline, PubMed and Google Scholar. In addition they hand searched 15 dental journals and the reference [read the full story…]

New Cochrane Protocol for April 2012

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Just one new dental protocol registered with the Cochrane Oral Health Group this month . Ban Z, Jia Y, Li C, Zhu Z, Ban Y, Shi Z. Gingival retraction for fixed prosthodontic treatment (Protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2012, Issue 4. Art. No.: CD009797. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD009797. Crowns, bridges and other fixed dental prosthesis  are [read the full story…]

Implant supported lower dentures increased satisfaction and quality of life over conventional dentures


Edentulism can have functional, aesthetic and psychological impacts on patients.   The aim of this study was to compare any improvement  in quality of life and overall patient satisfaction following the provision of implant supported mandibular overdentures compared with conventional mandibular dentures. 122 edentulous patients had a baseline assessment of denture satisfaction and quality of life [read the full story…]

Short implant-supported prostheses may be a valid option in the treatment of the atrophic jaw

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Short dental implants have been proposed as an alternative to other methods of  bone augmentation for the prosthetic treatment of atrophic alveolar ridges. The aim of this review was to systematically evaluate clinical studies of implants < 10 mm in length, to determine short implant-supported prosthesis success in the atrophic jaw. Searches were conducted in [read the full story…]

Implant overdentures may not improve the nutritional state of elderly edentate individuals

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The aim of this study was to see whether the provision of simple mandibular implant overdentures (IODs) to elderly individuals would give them a significantly better nutritional profile than those who receive complete dentures (CDs). The authors randomised two hundred fifty-five edentate patients over 65 yrs were to receive maxillary CDs and mandibular IODs (n [read the full story…]