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Natalie is currently a trainee clinical psychologist at the University of Manchester. Prior to this she worked as a research associate on the Actissist 2 project ( In this role, Natalie oversaw the day-to-day running of a large randomised controlled trial exploring the efficacy of the Actissist smartphone app for early psychosis and conducted interviews and clinical research assessments with participants in the project. Natalie has also completed a mixed-methods PhD investigating how we can use technology to deliver interventions for people who experience severe mental health problems.


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NHS-recommended e-therapies for depression, anxiety and stress: promising but limited


Natalie Berry summarises a meta-analysis which finds a limited body of research exists to support the use of NHS e-therapies for depression, anxiety and stress.

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Coproducing qualitative mental health research with young people

While there has been more political and media attention to the situation of care homes, this paper suggests a commonality of experience in the frontline between care homes and home care staff.

Following her blog yesterday, Natalie Berry explores a related paper by the same authors, which reflects on co-producing a qualitative study with young people during the era of COVID-19.

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What do young people think about using technology to detect worsening mental health?


In her debut blog, Natalie Berry summarises a qualitative study which asks young people about their views on using technology to detect worsening mental health.

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