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Holly is an ESRC funded PhD Student at the Centre for Society and Mental Health, King’s College London. Her PhD is focused on adolescent self-harm and the influence of gender and peer networks. Holly will be using data from REACH (www.thereachstudy.com) - a cohort study exploring risk and resilience factors for mental ill-health within a large sample of over 4000 adolescents in south London. She previously worked as a Research Worker in Paediatric Epilepsy at King’s College London and developed the first ever core-outcome-set for childhood epilepsy research in collaboration with young people with epilepsy, their parents and health professionals. Holly completed an MSc in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at University College London (UCL) in 2016 and worked as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist within the NHS alongside the course. Her experience within the NHS, with Patient Public Involvement (PPI) work and with young people inspired her focus on adolescent mental health research. Her research interests include self-harm and suicide, child and adolescent mental health.


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Cyber-victimisation may be associated with self-injurious thoughts and behaviours


Holly Crudgington looks at a systematic review exploring the links between social media, cyberbullying, suicide and self-harm, which identifies a link between being victimised online and suicidal behaviour, thoughts and self-harm.

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Harm minimisation for self-harm: mixed-method analysis of electronic health care records finds it can be helpful


Holly Crudgington reviews a mixed-methods analysis of electronic health records in secondary mental healthcare on harm minimisation for the management of self-harm.

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Risk factors for suicide in men: new review highlights substance misuse, marital status and depression


Holly Crudgington summarises a recent systematic review and narrative synthesis of risk factors for suicidal behaviour in men, which finds that substance misuse, marital status and depression are the strongest risk factors.

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Disclosing self-harm history: people’s attributes and risk factors


Holly Crudgington reviews a recent study from Manchester, which explores characteristics and risk of repetition in people who fail to report previous hospital presentations for self-harm.

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Blue Whale Challenge and suicide contagion


Holly Crudgington reviews a qualitative study that examines the self-harm and suicide contagion effects of the Blue Whale Challenge on YouTube and Twitter.

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