Identifying cultural issues in diagnostic assessment: the Cultural Formulation Interview


Clarissa Giebel considers the feasibility, acceptability and clinical utility of the Cultural Formulation Interview; a tool designed to remove barriers to effective diagnosis for people from black and minority ethnic groups.

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Mental health services users with learning disabilities from minority ethnic community in South London less positive about experiences


When the ‘Valuing People’ white paper was published in 2001, there were a series of supporting papers that were published at the same time covering in more detail, issues that were pertinent to developing and delivering person centred services. One of these looked at ethnicity and people with learning disabilities. The issue was also clearly [read the full story…]

Lower use of mental health services by South Asian people with learning disabilities than white British comparison groups


The notion of double discrimination, where ethnicity and disability can form a double barrier to those seeking support, has long been recognised. Indeed, there was a clear requirement in the Valuing People strategy to identify resources to address these issues through work streams in local partnership boards. A recent report by the Foundation for People [read the full story…]

Call for culturally sensitive services for people with learning disabilities from South Asian communities

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People from ethnic minorities in the UK are likely to face inequalities, discrimination and disadvantage. From the late 1990s, studies began to document examples of racist attitudes being shown towards South Asian children with learning disabilities, There were also suggestions that South Asian parents received later diagnosis of learning disability in their child, with the [read the full story…]

HFT guide to supporting people with learning disabilities from BME communities

HFT BME report

The Home Farm Trust have recently updated their guide to reaching and supporting diverse communities. This is a resource aimed at professionals working for people with learning disabilities, family carers and also for those who work in mainstream diversity and equality fields and is designed to help with meeting the needs of people with learning [read the full story…]

Study suggests little support for cultural needs given to people with mild learning disabilities from minority ethnic communities


There is little in the literature at present about the lived experience of people with mild learning disabilities from minority ethnic communities. This qualitative study set out to look at this issue and to generate a deeper understanding of their experiences. The author individually interviewed four adults with mild learning disabilities who were being supported [read the full story…]