Syeda Akther

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Syeda is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at the University of Oxford. Her research interests include ethnic inequalities, the mental health of Muslims, the experience of carers, as well as service user and carer involvement in research. Syeda is also a keen tweeter and recently became an Elf!


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Self-disgust, loneliness and depression: what’s the link?


Joseph Lam and Syeda Akther review a recent study that investigated the links between self-disgust, loneliness and depression, and the mediating role of emotion regulation.

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What are the people hearing voices saying?


A group of psychiatrists from the Springfield University Hospital Journal Club summarise a recent qualitative study about the socioeconomic factors involved in recovery for people with psychosis.

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Racial disparities in bipolar disorder diagnosis and treatment: time to talk about racism


Syeda Akther writes her debut elf blog on a recent review looking at racial disparities in bipolar disorder treatment and research. She argues that we need to start having serious conversations about racism that go beyond unconscious bias.

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