From climate anxiety to climate action: developing global mental health recommendations


Ella Tuominen considers a set of new global recommendations for action on climate change and mental health across sectors including healthcare, research, policy, and third sector organisations.

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Staff supporting people ageing with learning disabilities identify their needs for training

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Last week we posted a second blog about a project aimed at helping older people with learning disabilities have an active and inclusive retirement. The number of people with learning disabilities in England aged over 60 continues to rise with the most recent predictions suggesting that by 2030 the number of adults aged over 70 [read the full story…]

Mental health services users with learning disabilities from minority ethnic community in South London less positive about experiences


When the ‘Valuing People’ white paper was published in 2001, there were a series of supporting papers that were published at the same time covering in more detail, issues that were pertinent to developing and delivering person centred services. One of these looked at ethnicity and people with learning disabilities. The issue was also clearly [read the full story…]