What do teachers need to support student mental health?

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Rachel Symons summarises a qualitative study on teachers’ aspirations, needs and opinions regarding student mental health support in secondary schools.

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Can social recovery therapy improve social functioning in psychosis?


Lisa Wood publishes her debut blog about a recent RCT of social recovery therapy in combination with early intervention services for enhancement of social recovery in patients with first-episode psychosis: the SUPEREDEN3 trial.

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Active support study finds shared supported accommodation services inefficient for more able people with learning disabilities


Active support involves training staff in working practices and organisational procedures to improve levels of participation and increase levels of engagement in activities and the authors of this study have written about its effectiveness elsewhere In this study, they set out to explore the characteristics of the residents who were being supported by organisations implementing [read the full story…]

ABA reduced carer burden but was no more effective than standard care in improving social outcomes in people with learning disabilities


Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) is a way of helping people to change their behaviour by focusing on the observable relationship between behaviour to the environment. ABA has led to a range of specific procedures that have enabled analysts to develop tailored intervention programmes based on functional analysis, specifically designed for individuals in their environments. This [read the full story…]

Longer time samples of activity levels in people with learning disabilities produce same results as short samples


Concerns about levels of engagement in meaningful activity by people with learning disabilities have been explored through studies using a method known as momentary time sampling, an interval recording method, where an observer  observes whether a particular behaviour is occurring or not during a specified time period. However, the majority of such studies have taken [read the full story…]