Natalie Kashirsky

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Natalie is an aspiring clinical psychologist, interested in both clinical and research work, and currently holds a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Mental Health Studies. Her experience includes both working within the community and inpatient units, primarily with complex mental health difficulties such as trauma, psychosis, and personality disorders, and this is where her main interests lie. She is also keen on inclusion and diversity (e.g., regarding race and the LGBTQIA+ community), being passionate anti-discriminatory work.


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The experiences of young LGBTQ+ people self-managing their mental health


Natalie Kashirsky critiques a recent qualitative study which looks at LGBTQ+ young people’s experiences and perceptions of self-managing their mental health.

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Supporting the supporters: peer support in early intervention in psychosis


In her debut blog, Natalie Kashirsky explores a qualitative study finding valuable mechanisms of peer support in early intervention in psychosis services.

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