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Jack is a PhD student at the University of Manchester researching (and sometimes even taking time to) sleep. His work focuses on exploring the potential mechanisms which link sleep loss to psychosis experiences. He's an avid writer, coffee-shop dweller, loves his new adopted city and has an alter ego as a tortoise of some repute: https://inquisitivetortoise.wordpress.com/


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Sleep problems in infancy: a possible risk factor for ADHD?


Jack Barton summarises a recent longitudinal study from Finland, which suggests that sleep difficulties in infancy are associated with symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity at the age of 5 years.

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Can eCBTi improve adolescents’ sleep?


Jack Barton marvels at the paradox that the very digital devices that harm our sleep patterns so terribly, may also be a possible solution to insomnia and sleep problems in young people. A new systematic review on digitally-delivered cognitive-behavioural therapy (eCBTi) for youth insomnia shows a little promise.

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Insomnia, paranoia and hallucinations: Sleepio CBTi at the OASIS


Jack Barton publishes his debut elf blog on the huge OASIS randomised controlled trial, which explores the effects that improved sleep can have on our mental health.

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