Continuity of care: a luxury or need?


LucÍa Almazán Sánchez and Derek Tracy appraise a new paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry on continuity of care and clinical outcomes in the community for people with severe mental illness.

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Finding the right care in a crisis


Derek Tracy writes his debut Mental Elf blog on a recent study that explored the clinical factors that impacted on outcomes in crisis resolution services across two large mental health Trusts in London.

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Early intervention in psychosis services: better outcomes, improved costs


Gemma Shields reports on a recent longitudinal retrospective controlled study of the economic impact of early intervention in psychosis services in England.

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Empowering, personalised and recovery-focused care planning and co-ordination: When will we ever learn?


Sarah Carr summarises the COCAPP mixed-methods study, which concludes that positive therapeutic relationships appear to be the most important factor in helping care planning and care coordination to be personalised and recovery-focused.

This blog also features an in-depth podcast interview with Professor Alan Simpson who led the COCAPP study, talking with Sarah Carr and André Tomlin about the research and it’s implications for mental health services.

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Mental health support for older adults needs to improve

Previous research shows that low education, hypertension, smoking and diabetes may all have causal associations with dementia.

Dave Steele summarises an NIHR funded mixed methods study that concludes we don’t know much about how we should support older adults with mental health problems, except to say that we should be doing better.

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New mental health commissioning guides from JCPMH

Some doctors are reluctant to talk to patients about reducing their use of prescription drugs, even if they know there is no longer a medical reason for continued use.

Those lovely people at the Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health (JCP-MH) have published four new guides to help those of you involved in commissioning community specialist services, older people’s services, inpatient and crisis home treatment and services for people with learning disabilities. These guides are short (around 20 pages), readable and nicely summarised with ten [read the full story…]

Assertive outreach no better than standard care at preventing further suicide attempts in young people


Regular close contact with specially trained staff is generally regarded as the best course of treatment for someone who has recently attempted to kill themselves, in order to prevent a repeat suicide attempt. Of course it can be difficult to engage with this group of patients after-treatment, but recent research suggests that assertive and motivational [read the full story…]

New suicide prevention toolkits for community, emergency and general practice staff


The prevention of suicide in inpatient mental health settings has long been a focus for clinicians and managers. Understanding what can be done in community, emergency and general practice settings to reduce the number of suicides has presented more of a challenge. This briefing introduces the National Patient Safety Agency’s (NPSA) new suicide prevention toolkits [read the full story…]

Department of Health publish Mental Health Community Teams activity data

shutterstock_75335308 Male hand drawing a chart

The Department of Health have published the quarterly Mental Health Community Teams activity data for 2010-11 and 2011-12 quarter 1. The data consists of a number of spreadsheets and a document available for download from the DH website. The main findings were: 2010-11 During 2010-11 10,311 new cases of psychosis were served by Early Intervention [read the full story…]