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Lucía Almazán Sánchez is a fourth year medical student at King’s College London, having previously obtained a BA in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford. Lucía is passionate about mental health awareness and international medical volunteering, having lived across four continents and travelled over 70 countries. She is currently undertaking a research project at King’s College Hospital to develop training for paediatric department staff to respond to mental health crisis in adolescents. Lucía would like to pursue a career in Forensic Psychiatry, and proudly presented her dissertation on ADHD and Crime for her future colleagues at this years Faculty annual conference in Vienna.


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Continuity of care: a luxury or need?


LucÍa Almazán Sánchez and Derek Tracy appraise a new paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry on continuity of care and clinical outcomes in the community for people with severe mental illness.

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