NHS England’s new framework for community mental health services


Andy Bell reviews NHS England’s recently published Community Mental Health Framework for Adults and Older Adults, which sets out the changes it expects to see in community mental health services over the next five years.

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NICE publish first guideline for psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people


Everyone who read the extracts from Michael Schofield’s memoir, published by the Guardian on January 19th, must surely have been moved by the sometimes harrowing description of his daughter Janni who was diagnosed with child-onset schizophrenia aged just 7 years old. Janni is an exception, as schizophrenia generally starts between the ages of 15 and [read the full story…]

Psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people: NICE starts consultation


The two month consultation period for the new NICE guideline on psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people has now begun. You must be registered as a stakeholder to comment on the guideline and you have until 27th September 2012 to make your views known. The guideline is aimed at clinicians and service commissioners [read the full story…]

NICE publish new guidance on the long-term management and treatment of self-harm

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This new guideline published today suggests that psychological interventions should be offered to people who self-harm to help them overcome their behavioural problems. Specifically it recommends that healthcare professionals should offer 3-12 sessions of a psychological intervention that is specifically structured for people who self-harm. The intervention should aim to reduce self-harm and should be [read the full story…]

Psychotherapies can be an effective treatment for depression in people with chronic physical health problems


This systematic review conducted by the UK National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health set out to review the efficacy of non-pharmacological treatment for depression in people with depression and chronic physical health problems. They found 35 RCTs that met their inclusion criteria and ended up conducting a meta-anlalysis of 22 studies using a random-effects model. The bulk [read the full story…]