From community rehabilitation to independent living: the predictors of successful move-on in London


Chenel Walker reviews a prospective cohort study examining the predictors of successful move-on from community rehabilitation to independent living for mental health services users in Islington, London.

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Are lean service improvements beneficial to community learning disability teams?

This study perhaps asks more questions than it answers. What's your experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lean working has been described as ‘working smarter not harder’.

Here Russell Woolgar looks at an evaluation of a pilot project, which introduced this approach into a community learning disability team.

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On each others’ team? Multi-agency work in safeguarding children


In this blog, Lindsey Pike examines research on multi-agency working in safeguarding children and draws out some of the practice implications of the findings.

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Closer liaison will improve appropriateness of referrals to community mental health in learning disability team


The estimates of prevalence of mental illness in people with a learning disability varies across studies. The authors of this study suggest that up to 50 % may develop significant psychiatric problems at some point in their lives. The researchers set out to look at ways in which community services for people with learning disabilities [read the full story…]

The experience of violence at work in community learning disability teams


Researchers in the south east of England set out to look at the experiences of violence at work in of staff in community learning disability teams. Following a brief survey sent to six such teams, the experiences were explored further in a series of in-depth interviews with a sub-sample of respondents. The survey suggested that [read the full story…]

Community teams lack knowledge or understanding of the Mental Capacity Act.


40 professionals working in 10 multidisciplinary community teams for people with learning disabilities in south Wales took part in the study, although psychologists and psychiatrists were not included as psychiatrists were not co-located with the team and psychologists were consulted during the development of the study. Three scenarios based on actual cases were constructed and [read the full story…]