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Robbie is currently working as a newly qualified social worker in a community mental health team in London, alongside studying for a Masters in Social Work Practice as part of the Think Ahead programme. Robbie was previously involved in a project looking at barriers to mental health care for Punjabi communities in the UK; research with a community based mental health organisation in Northern India, Project Burans; and supporting the expansion of the Social Work Research podcast with Martin Webber. Robbie studied Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics at Oxford University. He has also previously worked with the listening service Nightline, and an organisation called Beyond Equality working towards gender equality by rethinking masculinity.


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Digital youth mental health interventions: will the evidence ever catch up?


Robbie Fraser summarises an overview of systematic reviews, which finds that computerised CBT for anxiety and depression remains the best evidenced digital mental health intervention for young people.

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Managers perspectives on the social worker role in community mental health teams: valued, challenged and hard to define


In his debut blog, Robbie Fraser reviews findings from a staff survey stating that the role of a social worker in community mental health teams is valued, but hard to define.

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