Snigdha Dutta

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Snigdha is a Project Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Cambridge. She recently completed her PhD from the University of Nottingham where she proposed and investigated the validity of an integrated model of pathways to psychological, social, and emotional resilience in undergraduate students. Currently, she is combining her passion for supporting the mental health and wellbeing of undergraduate students through educational research at Cambridge where she develops context specific research-informed initiatives. Being a person of colour in academic herself, she is particularly interested in student wellbeing in relation to ethnic identities and their sense of belonginess.


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The 4M model for promoting student mental health: mindfulness, movement, meaning and moderator-based interventions


In her debut blog, Snigdha Dutta explores the 4M model for promoting university student mental health, explored by a recent systematic review which suggests that a combination of mindfulness, movement, meaning, and moderator-based interventions may help.

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