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Hilary is a postgraduate student at UCL, studying for an MSc in Dementia, and was awarded the Jost Leuschner MSc Dementia Scholarship in 2017. Previously, Hilary has worked for Alzheimer's Society creating Dementia Friendly Communities, has a background in the arts and is interested in psychosocial interventions such as music therapy, and how these can be used to help people with dementia.


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Emotional distress in dementia: qualitative systematic review


Hilary Shepherd examines a qualitative systematic review that aimed to present all available descriptions of emotional distress and explanations for emotional distress experienced by people with dementia, articulated personally and by others.

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Person-centred care for dementia: impact on quality of life, agitation and antipsychotic use


Hilary Shepherd reports on a recent paper from the WHELD trial on the impact of person-centred care training and person-centred activities on quality of life, agitation, and antipsychotic use in people with dementia living in nursing homes.

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Improving health related quality of life for people with dementia in care homes


Hilary Shepherd writes her debut blog on a new paper from the WHELD cluster RCT, which looks at the impact of antipsychotic review and psychosocial intervention on health-related quality of life in people with dementia living in care homes.

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