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Belinda's broad interest is the role of cognitive biases and emotion regulation in development, maintenance, treatment and prevention of child and adolescent depression. She uses experimental, behavioural, fMRI, molecular genetic, epidemiological and RCT methods in her research. She is also interested in the use of digital technology to enhance treatment and prevention tools. Website:


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Apps to support the mental health of young people: flashy and available versus evidence-based and hidden?


Belinda Platt highlights a new review of mental health apps for young people, which finds there are many apps which seem appealing to young people but have no evidence-base, but only a handful of apps with a sound evidence-base which are available to young people.

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Preventing anxiety disorders in young people at risk


Belinda Platt reports on a recent systematic review and meta-analysis looking at the prevention of anxiety disorders in at-risk children and adolescents.

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Preventing postnatal depression: let’s ask service users and service providers!


Belinda Platt publishes her debut blog on a recent qualitative systematic review about the perceptions and experiences of interventions aimed at preventing postnatal depression.

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