Can we teach schools how to improve care for young people who self-harm? #CAMHScampfire


Douglas Badenoch appraises and summarises a recent systematic review of experimental studies, which looks at whether school staff training can improve responses to pupils who self-harm.

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Do general hospital staff stigmatise people with mental illness?


Rebecca Stevenson writes her debut elf blog on a recent systematic review looking at general hospital health professionals’ attitudes and perceived dangerousness towards patients with comorbid mental and physical health conditions.

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Power to the people: practitioners, patients and power


Rob Allison explores a recent qualitative study of dependence and resistance in community mental health care, which looks at negotiations of user participation between mental health staff and service users.

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'Knowledge is the power to do good'


Following the publication of the Knowledge and Skills Statement for Social Workers in Adult Services yesterday, the special blog asks how the Social Care Elf can help social workers with their knowledge, skills and continuing professional development.

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Dysphagia training increased staff confidence and knowledge


Difficulties with swallowing can lead to significant risk, from aspiration, dehydration, recurrent chest infections and of course choking risk. Dysphagia, the difficulty in preparation of food in the mouth for swallowing, can have a number of causes, physiological, environmental and behavioural. The consequences of not identifying and then dealing with the issue can clearly have [read the full story…]

Challenging Behaviour Foundation launches new information sheets


In February this year, we posted about new summary information sheets produced by the challenging behaviour foundation. This month sees the launch of a new series of three information sheets which look at the causes of challenging behaviour, and explain how to make effective plans to reduce it. The information sheets are designed to provide [read the full story…]