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Rob is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Health Sciences, University of York. He is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and Nurse Teacher with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC). He has clinical experience in a variety of mental health clinical settings working with people and families experiencing a wide range of mental health problems. Rob is particularly interested in understanding and supporting people distressed by voice hearing experiences. For his PhD, Rob developed a Grounded Theory following an investigation into the experiences of voice hearing within mental health treatment settings from the perspectives of people who hear voices and mental health practitioners. He is also interested in alternative approaches to supporting mental health distress, including reducing coercion across mental healthcare. For example, he previously collaborated with colleagues to establish a ‘Thinking about Medication’ group to support people wishing to take more control, reduce or stop their prescribed psychiatric medication.


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Psychiatric Advance Directives: more effective when facilitated by peer workers, according to French RCT


Rob Allison considers a French randomised controlled trial, which provides support for the use of peer worker–facilitated psychiatric advance directives to prevent compulsory rehospitalisation in people with severe mental illness.

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Reducing physical restraint: suggestions from patients and staff


Rob Allison explores a recent qualitative study of mental health inpatients’ and staff members’ suggestions for reducing physical restraint.

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The impact of physical restraint on people in mental health settings


Rob Allison considers the findings of a recent integrative review that explores the physical and psychological harm inherent in using restraint in mental health inpatient settings.

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Power to the people: practitioners, patients and power


Rob Allison explores a recent qualitative study of dependence and resistance in community mental health care, which looks at negotiations of user participation between mental health staff and service users.

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Does cannabis influence depression?

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Rob Allison and Ian Hamilton summarise a recent retrospective twin cohort study that explores the links between cannabis use and depression, suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

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