Cavity liners for posterior resin based composites?


This Cochrane review of liners under posterior composite restoration included 8 RCTs identifying little evidence to show that they reduced sensitivity and no evidence of an effect on longevity of restorations.

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Preformed paediatric crowns: little evidence for aesthetic crowns


Only 7 small studies at high risk of bias were available for this review of preformed paediatric aesthetic crowns. They provide little evidence on which to r change of practice particular for posterior teeth where the use of stainless steel crowns is recommended.

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Composite restorations: no difference in longevity with direct or indirect placement

shutterstock_123309100 - tooth coloured restoration before & after

This review of the clinical performance of direct and indirect resin composite restorations in permanent teeth included 9 small RCTs . The findings suggest no difference in clinical longevity but the evidence is limited.

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EDTA conditioning improved cervical restoration retention


This trial involving 48 patients found that EDTA conditioning improved the retention of restoration in non-carious cervical lesions at 18 months.

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Laminate restorations in posterior teeth: evidence limited


This review included 13 small studies of limited quality. While the available evidence suggests there may be no difference, further long-term high quality studies are required to confirm if this is the case.

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Posterior resin restorations: high survival at 4 years

shutterstock_123309100 - tooth coloured restoration before & after

This review of 8 studies involving 910 posterior resin restorations in 420 patients found a survival rate at 4 years = 0.93 (95% CI; 0.91- 0.95). However, the overall quality of the evidence was low.

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Cervical composite resin restorations: bevel or not?


The number of non-carious cervical lesions (NCCLs) that will require management in the future is expected to increase. This review was only able to identify 4 RCTs looking at whether bevelling the enamel margin improves retention, so there is limited evidence for the clinician.

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Composite resin restorations- which adhesive system?


This study compared Class II nanohybrid resin composite restorations bonded with a one-step self-etch or a two-step etch-and-rinse adhesive after 8 years, finding no difference between the two approaches.

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Composite resin restorations: no good evidence to assess impact on dental pulp


Only 10 low quality studies were available for this review to assess if a vital pulp restored with composite resin is at greater risk of pulpal complications than one restored with other materials. Questions over the studies qualities make it difficult to draw any conclusions.

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Review suggests that caries risk and number of restored surfaces impact on posterior composite survival rates


Dental amalgam has been the filing material for choice for more than 150 years. However, because of their aesthetics and concern over their mercury content their use has been declining. The Minamata Convention on Mercury has also proposed that their use be phased down according to local needs. The development of tooth-coloured resin composites from [read the full story…]