Inlay-retained fixed dental prosthesis have acceptable 3-yr survival rate suggests review

Missing premolar

This review of inlay-retained fixed dental prosthesis included 11 small mainly observational studies. The studies suggest a 3-yr survival rate of 92.6% (95% CI: 85.8-97.6%) and 5-yr survival rate of 87.9% (95% CI: 77.4-96.1%). However because of the low quality of the available studies and the wide range of inlay designs, framework materials, surface treatments and cement systems used means that the results should be interpreted cautiously.

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Composite restorations: direct or indirect placement?


Only 3 RCTs could be identified for this review of the long-term performance of direct versus indirect composite inlays/ onlays in posterior teeth. the limited quality of the studies provide insufficient evidence to recommend direct over indirect techniques.

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Partial indirect restorations: survival rates


The aim of this review was to evaluate the survival rate of resin and ceramic inlays, onlays, and overlays and to identify the types of complications associated with the main clinical outcomes.

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No strong evidence available to support any differences in the clinical performance of ceramic inlays and other posterior restorations


The use of ceramic materials to restoring posterior teeth has been increasing since the 1990s, and in 2003 a Cochrane review by Hayashi and Yeung was published .  The aim of this review was to update that 2003 review by evaluating the clinical effectiveness of ceramic inlays including all articles published since 2002. The PubMed, [read the full story…]