Suicide in children and young people can happen without warning


Shirley Reynolds reviews a records study which finds that around one third of children and young people who die by suicide have no explicit prior risk.

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Poor insight in psychosis predicts higher mental healthcare service use


In Joseph Lam’s debut blog he explores a recent research paper which uses an electronic dataset to investigate the relationship between insight and service use in first episode psychosis.

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Adults with Down syndrome are hospitalised more than the general population and for a longer duration


Life expectancy of people with Down syndrome has been increasing over the last ten years, with consequent increases in the incidence of morbidity as they age. The authors of this study carried out by Israeli researchers point out that there is not much literature exploring this morbidity or looking at hospitalisation of adults with Down [read the full story…]

Offenders with learning disabilities in mental health courts more likely to receive behavioural or vocational rehabilitation


Mental Health courts were established in the USA in the 1990s, and were designed to help offenders with a mental health diagnosis who might end up in prison to have access to long-term community-based treatment. Mental health courts were piloted in England in 2009 to ensure that a defendant’s mental health or learning disability was [read the full story…]