Poor insight in psychosis predicts higher mental healthcare service use


In Joseph Lam’s debut blog he explores a recent research paper which uses an electronic dataset to investigate the relationship between insight and service use in first episode psychosis.

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Shared decision making in antipsychotic prescribing: the perspective of psychiatrists


Shared decision making is now commonplace, but will this approach ever be fully embraced in relation to antipsychotic prescribing? Liz Hughes reports on a recent qualitative study of consultant psychiatrists’ experiences that sheds some light on the issue.

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Meta-analysis finds insufficient evidence for treatments to improve insight for people with psychosis

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Research suggests that many people with schizophrenia or related psychoses show a striking lack of insight into their condition (Dam, 2006). Poor insight can have a negative impact on several outcomes, including general adjustment (Stefanopoulou et al., 2009), quality of life (Drake et al., 2007), social functioning (Drake et al., 2007) and rehospitalisation. With this [read the full story…]