The Two Pots? Experiences of peer workers within mental health services


Sarah Carr examines a literature review on peer workers’ perceptions and experiences to the implementation of peer worker roles in mental health services, and finds some familiar themes.

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“No ‘one size fits all’ model for delivering primary care” says RAND Europe

Doctor writing something on a tablet

Summary of a report, produced by RAND Europe, exploring different models for delivering primary care, including collaboration, and how to manage change.

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How do health and social care leaders respond to user involvement?


Service user researcher and consultant, Gerry Bennison presents his first Social Care Elf blog. In it he critically discusses the findings of a study looking at how leaders in health and social care are responding to service user involvement.

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Common themes emerge in creating person centred organisations supporting people with learning disabilities


There is an increasing focus on how organisations that support people with learning disabilities can move to a position where they can deliver personalised services. In Control has provided a range of reports on the evaluation of the use of personal budgets and a recent publication by Helen Sanderson Associates, Creating Person Centred Organisations has [read the full story…]