Direct funding and older people: why are we still talking about choice?


Francesca Pozzoli considers a qualitative metasynthesis of directly funded home-care programmes for older people and the concept of ‘choice’.

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Challenging behaviour in profound & multiple learning disabilities: is support well planned and documented?


The lives of some people with profound and multiple learning disabilities are affected by challenging behaviours, which include self-injurious, stereotypical, destructive, or aggressive behaviours.

Here in his debut blog, Paul Barnard looks at a study from the Netherlands which looked at whether challenging behaviour was being addressed formally in day to day practice.

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Common themes emerge in creating person centred organisations supporting people with learning disabilities


There is an increasing focus on how organisations that support people with learning disabilities can move to a position where they can deliver personalised services. In Control has provided a range of reports on the evaluation of the use of personal budgets and a recent publication by Helen Sanderson Associates, Creating Person Centred Organisations has [read the full story…]