New NICE Guideline on social care support for older people with multiple long-term conditions


Sarah Carr takes a look at a new NICE Guideline on person-centred, integrated social care support for older people with multiple long-term conditions.

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Eight stories in film showing people with learning disabilities living their own lives


Living your own life in your own home is something most of take for granted. It’s just something you do. We don’t tend to think about community, or independent living, or planning, we get on with it. This is not always the case for people with learning disabilities. In this post, we wanted to link [read the full story…]

Ecological change in transition for young people with learning disabilities suggested by small qualitative study

planning_shutterstock_102132112 (2)

Background The process of preparing for adulthood, whilst opening up a range of opportunities, can also be a worrying and difficult time. In the case of young people with learning disabilities who have been supported by children’s services, there is the additional issue of dealing with the transition of support from those services to services [read the full story…]

100 ‘One Page Profiles’ and their stories

one page profiles

Person centred planning was placed at the heart of policy for services to people with learning disabilities in the 2001 White Paper, Valuing People. This approach to planning has been developed into a broader approach to personalisation throughout the system. One of the tools developed to help is the ‘one page profile’. Often there is [read the full story…]

Stories of people who left British institutions to help those planning in Central and Eastern Europe

leaving institutions

Lumos, the children’s charity and Change a national human rights organisation led by disabled people have been working together on a project to help close institutions for disabled people across central and eastern Europe. The latest publication from the project was the result of a visit to institutions in central and eastern Europe by the [read the full story…]

Common themes emerge in creating person centred organisations supporting people with learning disabilities


There is an increasing focus on how organisations that support people with learning disabilities can move to a position where they can deliver personalised services. In Control has provided a range of reports on the evaluation of the use of personal budgets and a recent publication by Helen Sanderson Associates, Creating Person Centred Organisations has [read the full story…]

Older family carers look to find support for offspring in their own homes


A few years ago, the older family carers initiative, run by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities published a series of reports and some excellent guidelines on providing support to help inform not only practitioners, but commissioners and of course older family carers themselves of their rights and the kind of support they could might [read the full story…]

Use of behaviour consultants reduced restrictive intervention in people learning disability and challenging behaviour


Behaviour support plans to guide the way supporters respond and react to people with learning disabilities who are described as having behaviour that challenges are fundamental to the quality of support they receive. The authors of this Australian study were interested in looking at the quality of the plans and their effectiveness in providing support. [read the full story…]