Online family-based therapy for youth eating disorders: promising, but randomised evidence needed


In her debut blog, Eline van Bree summarises a recent pre-post observational cohort study, which explores the effectiveness of delivering evidence-based eating disorder treatment via telemedicine for children and young people.

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New evidence on treatments for symptoms of depression in dementia


Andrew Sommerlad appraises a recent review on the efficacy of interventions for depression in people with dementia, which identified several non-drug treatments that can have a meaningful effect on depressive symptoms in dementia.

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Primary care multidisciplinary team consultations might not help deprived mothers with anxiety or depression

iStock_000016967351XSmall poor deprived woman

Mothers living in socioeconomically deprived communities are vulnerable to anxiety and depression, but traditional medical approaches often fail to reach them. This prospective randomised controlled trial set out to compare the effectiveness of a lengthened multi-disciplinary team consultation with normal primary care in reducing anxiety and depression in mothers. Ninety four mothers were recruited from three general practices from [read the full story…]