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I finished my masters in Health Psychology at Utrecht University in 2019. As part of my masters I followed an internship at the Amsterdam Medical Centre, focusing on trust between physicians and patients. Here I also started working as a research assistant, whereby I assisted in projects examining the heritability of cancer and the involved genetic uncertainty; and on psychological support after cancer treatment. In 2020, I decided to further examine my interests in research and psychology by combing my personal and theoretical experience with eating disorders as a PhD student at GGZ Rivierduinen Eating disorders Ursula. This PhD position generally entails the long-term effects and predictors of eating disorders, whereby investigating recovery and relapse. I combine this general focus with my personal interests in virtual reality, emotion regulation and body dissatisfaction.


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Online family-based therapy for youth eating disorders: promising, but randomised evidence needed


In her debut blog, Eline van Bree summarises a recent pre-post observational cohort study, which explores the effectiveness of delivering evidence-based eating disorder treatment via telemedicine for children and young people.

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